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It's always so nice to hear client Thank you's.

Debra Hensley

Karen, seeing these images I thought, how did you make me look like I've never had a bad anything day in my life. I am deeply touched by your generosity in painstakingly retouching each image and gifting them to me in both color and black and white. You have immense talent. Goodness, Karen. I am surely blessed by your positivity and beautiful self. PleAse pleAse stand before a mirror and call yourself The Image Maker...It all starts with the Pro Shot. Whoo hoo! 2016 here I am, ready to fill up the glorious 365 blank pages of the year with a grand story of transformation. You are without doubt, one of my favorite, flavor.

Peter Chang

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for bringing our photo album and portraits, I'm glad we got to see you! The album and photos are beautiful as you promised, and already ranks among my favorite family heirlooms! I'll not forget the additional pages you gave us and the time/expertise you invested in making our images "legendary" (better than real life). We look forward to employing your tremendous talent (and wonderful production/printing team) again, and will be happy to spread the word about your amazing work! With very best wishes and gratitude, Peter, Wendy and Family

Gaye Vancans

Wow! Not sure what to say You are amazing and they brought me to tears Thank you, thank you! Absolutely no idea how to even begin to chose Will be in touch Gaye

Steve Wong

Karen, The photo album came out extremely beautiful!!!! I can’t believe how awesome it looks! It is so well composed, designed, and presented. Completely speechless. Lisa and I wanted to get married again after looking at it!!!! Thanks so much for capturing/presenting one of our most important events in our lives!!!!!

Karen Carley

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for your e-mail. The pictures are great. Between the music and looking at the pictures at the same time I found myself getting very emotional. The pictures of Emma are amazing and make her look so grown up. It is hard for me to see my get older and slowly turn into young women. Thank you for capturing them and our family so beautifully. Thanks you Karen for your talent and time, Karen Carley

Lisa Poach

Oh my gosh Karen, you work some serious magic with the camera and your editing! I got teary eyed looking at the photos. I am speechless- THANK YOU. You absolutely made my day and we will be repeat offenders of your services for sureJ Thanks, Lisa